Designing An App for A Friend

Designing An App for A Friend

I was asked by a friend to design a logo for her upcoming app about make-ups. This will be the first time I was asked for a commissioned work which has for me really excited. For months now, I discovered my love for graphic designs when I started using Canva for my blog designs. As you see, all graphic designs here in my blog are from the free logo making site. After I navigated the know-hows of Canva, I decided to watch video tutorials on how to use photo shop. I know it’s quite overwhelming to use but I really have this knack on making designs.

When I told my friend about this news hobby, she was delighted and for the idea of commissioning my work for her new app.

So here I am, trying to figure things out on how I will brand her make-up app.

Basically, my friend Sophie will be launching her app by the end of the year. She has hired a writer to make copy writing work for her, while she stays completely hands on the project. She has also hired an agent who shall handle the app store optimization as well as the marketing of the app.

Sophie is a businesswoman who loves clothes and women brands. Before, she has put up an retail shop and now, she is into online shop. She sells clothes she bought in different parts of the world like HongKong, Europe, Bangkok, and in Marrakech.

For her make-up app, she plans to feature beauty bloggers who shall give video tutorials on putting up make-ups on their face. She has also talked with make-up artists friends whom I also know. She plans to meet all of them and have video shoot next month. She has also talked with different make-up brands for possible partnerships and sponsorships for the app. I hope she’ll partner with Maybelline New York and Mac also heard Rihanna and Kylie Jenner will be launching their new make-up line. I hope she’ll also get to talk to the brands’ marketing heads.

All these thought for me agitated and at the same time worried. I really hope I can pull this off.

I am truly excited about my friend. I plan to make a logo that shall symbolize her love for make-up. It can be a mirror, a brush or an eye lash curler. For days now, I have been doodling on my notebook for possible logo that suits best for her.

By next week I shall present three case studies for her to choose from.

I hope I can finish the logo by next week and I can’t wait to share the end product with all of you. I also hope you could support my friend through downloading the app once it has been launched by the end of the tear.

Top 3 Things to Do When You’re in Vancouver

Top 3 Things to Do When You’re in Vancouver

Well, our trip to Vancouver was absolutely magical. I have never been to a city that has so many beautiful things going on naturally, and also has such an urban pulse. The city planners have done an amazing job giving their citizens access to beaches, Parks, rainforest, and mountains. It is an unconventional location for such a big city, but the city moves wonderfully and has a beautiful glow to it. Needless to say, I absolutely recommend visiting the city of Vancouver. If you do end up going, here are a few suggestions.

1. Enjoy the nature. Like I said, there are so many natural Splendor that are available for people here. It’s not a far trip at all to climb a mountain, go skiing, or go to the beach. There are beaches throughout the city, and some of them have a very vibrant and fun culture to them. The mountains are nothing to scoff at either. They’re significant but easy to climb. In west Vancouver, there is some beautiful, Splendid rainforest that is absolutely worth taking a walk through.

2. Enjoy the city. The amounts of impressive Urban amenities that Vancouver has to offer should not be understated. There are great neighborhoods like Gastown, Granville Island, East Vancouver and Commercial Drive, and the general downtown vicinity. There is an amazing Mall in Burnaby, to if you’re into shopping. Kitsilano is also a really special place. There are just so many great neighborhoods. I feel like could be entertained in this city forever. Lots of great things to eat downtown, like sushi, but also all sorts of interesting Fusion foreign foods and Canadian chains that are really special.

3. Fall in love. Not with a Vancouverite, but with the city itself. We absolutely considered staying! We were so swept up in the early stages of love with this city, that we actually contacted of Vancouver Realtor and asked him about some Burnaby condos for sale that we had seen ( Burnaby is a city right beside Vancouver, which is basically Vancouver). If ever we decided to search for properties within the area, I prefer I shall look at Coal Harbour Condos for sale that my colleague was talking about. Or if you want to go to Vancouver, meet with Farris Kapani.

He was very patient and kind, and understood when we realized that we really needed to think our decision over, but we really are thinking about it, even if it’s just a pipe dream.