Here’s for the holidays!

It’s a tradition that people list their new years resolutions every year. But Basically they forget it as the year goes. Well, Unless they are so persistent to achieve their goals.

Some other people  aim to achieve some thing with in the year, that is why they create new years resolution for themselves. Others start with new years resolutions to reach a long term goal.  Most common things in the list  are losing weight, saving money, and studying or working harder. These are easy to accomplish if you’re great enough.



Well, I can say that this is my top most new year resolution. I seldom eat meat and now I’ll make it more seldom. Last year I told my self not to eat pork, and then I just did and became part of my regular diet, Religion plays a big role on this. Thanks the Kashrut or the jewish diet,  they are not allowed to eat pork.

Moreover the jewish people are not allowed to eat meat with milk. As The book of Deutoronomy once mentioned,”DO not cook the young on its mother’s milk”. Cheese burgers is a NO NO.


Spending for one’s self is not bad. Never be thrifty for one’s self what the body wants is what the body needs.

I used to have hard times whenever I had acne outbreaks, especially when menstrual perioud started. I tried almost anything which is I think the same with products that are much expensive.

It didn’t work.It just make my skin better but basically it did not prevent acne outbreaks.

Till this December a friend told me that the product I want is very effective. Though here in the country it cost almost $50monthly.

2nd day of January when I started to use the product I felt satisfaction the moment I bought it. NO HARD FEELINGS HONESTLY. I did not think that I might be finacially broke at the end of the month.

I feel great everytime I use the products, though acne sometimes pop out but its very quick to vanish. Marks are gone and I had fairer skin.

Then I learned that its find to be spendthrift for as long as its for the betterment of one’s self. This will be one of the things I’ll change this year to love myself more.


Before I was a so outcasted person in school. A prof told me that I should come out of my shell and not be so discreet.

Twas 2nd semester of last year when I found those people who are trustworthy and worth loving. I never thought that these people will teach me how to be myself. They accept me no matter what I’m no matter what I was.  It’s a new year resolution to be close enough to them, Because these people do not judge others (unlike me everybody knows im such a dictionary full of adjectives.).

More over there are many things I like about these people, They encourage me to work on some things that I don’t want to do or they making me less stubborn. One another thinks about one another, which is great, they are not pumpous lump and they don’t pretend to be the leader or the superior, which I like the most.

Now, Im trying to be who Iam around and I don’t care if some people cant accept the way I’m because there are set of people who know the worst part of me and still there fooling around with me. I am more focused on purusing my dream to have my own website which I started through buy6ing a plan with ranking hostingów.


ITS not really an issue if one doest not achieve his new years resolutions the important thing is they learn everyday, every year. Learning is a process of a life time and this is  the cornerstone of our goals.


Solo and slow

Solo and slow

Mia was nursing a broken heart when she decided to go solo traveling in Europe. Three-months later, she went home with a wider perspective on life, and a stronger heart and character that is ready to take on whatever possibilities that come her way.

Meanwhile, blogger Gale hopped on a bus six years ago to visit a friend’s family just to have a break on her routinely work. With a degree in Anthropology, this lady is not new to visiting remote places and immersing herself to the culture and their people. Adjusting in a new place, and having that constant curiosity on things around her come naturally in her character. She also left her job as an analayizer of a site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 which she said really pays the bill. But she is not happy.

Years later, Mia and Gale are two of the most known female travelers in the country—exploring places, meeting people, and pursuing passion one travel destination as a time. Some may say that traveling solo and slow may be lonely. Terrifying even.

While many thinks they do not want to look like losers for not having any travel buddies, as what TV writer and author Kristin Newman told Time, solo female travelers wanted to get the life they want without having to adjust to anyone’s time and preferences.

“It’s the same how people don’t want to eat dinner alone. I think people are afraid of being lonely, of being scared, of looking like they didn’t have anybody,” she notes.

Moreover, the scary thought of getting lost, being robbed, and meeting scammers as you go on the streets of a new place may pull you down and make you shun your dream of travelling.

But for Mia, a freelance writer and editor and the author behind travel blog solo traveling made her discover herself more—this is amidst the risks.

“I have learned that I am strong and confident when I’m traveling alone. I know how to take care of myself,” she says in an interview, adding that one should know the line between chasing dream and risking safety and security.

Gale was also a freelance writer, can attest to this. She said, “I’ve learned to navigate in strange places and overcome obstacles all by myself. I also get to test my patience and courage and I have more time to reflect.”

Aside from meeting new people and learning about the places and their cultures, the two says that going places alone is a way to discover yourself more, away from your comfort zone. Author Candy Spelling wrote in Huffington Post that without anyone to please but yourself alone, you enjoy a sense of independence, while having the opportunity to have a restorative mind.

She says, “I think that if you can take a trip on your own, you might find that the peace and tranquility are worth it. It’s just you and the universe—no one to answer to! You may see, as I did, that such a scenario could be very restful and transformative.”

She said, “I have to either use the timer, or ask someone else to take it which usually ends up not a good one.” Also, witnessing a spectacular view for the first time gives a kick of melancholy as you also remember people that you want to share the stunning sight with. But more than the view and the blurred shots, solo and slow travelling is rewarding as meeting people along the way is something you can treasure for a lifetime—it may be that photographer you met while in Thailand’s Krabi Island, or the kid who was selling postcards in Vietman.

While keeping yourself on guard at all times, Gale says that we should not lose hope in humanity and just give in to the notion that strangers should not be trusted. Sometimes, strangers find long and lasting friendships to fellow strangers too. “I have also learned that people are kinder than we give them credit for. Sure, there are places where the people seem rude and unfriendly, but someone’s bound to come and help you out without expecting anything in return,” Gale notes. Since last year, been hopping countries from Bolivia, Brazil, and even went hiking up to Peru’s Maccu Pichu and the United States. For them, they are living the dream.