Review: Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold Medicine


I had hoped to avoid the nasty cold my wife and two daughters have had over the past week or so. However, I started feeling a bit lousy last night and woke up this morning with a pretty bad cough.
Since I am the sole provider for the family, I really couldn’t take the day off from work (I have sick time but don’t want to use it all up in January) so, on my way to the office, I ended up stopping off at one of our local grocery stores to see if I could find something to take. I ended up buying a box of Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold Medicine.

I have had the regular Our Family Suphedrine PE before (back in October, when I was dealing with some sort of allergy) and was surprised by how well it worked. For me, one must really be careful in choosing products. Like the one I bought recently. I looked into vitamin c serum for face reviews and it went well on me.

That, and the fact the cold medicine was only $3, made me decide to try the Severe Cold formula.

So far, I have no complaints.

When I got to work, I was coughing pretty loudly and had a somewhat stuffed up head; the kind that makes you feel like someone is squeezing it. So, before starting my day, I took two of the tablets.

First, I want to mention the tablets are the perfect size for me. As I have said in the past, I have problems taking pills and prefer tablets that are smaller in size. These were a bit larger than the regular Our Family Suphedrine. But, they were small enough where I could take them with water and not have any issues swallowing them.

Another thing that impressed me was how effective the pills worked. When I took them, it was about 7:30 a.m. By 8, my cough was pretty much gone and I didn’t have as much sinus pressure. Even more important is the fact the medicine worked throughout the day. I didn’t need to take it again at lunch, like I normally have to.

The medicine did have a couple side effects I wasn’t overly thrilled with. First, it made me a bit drowsy. This wasn’t as bad as other medicines that I have tried. But, it was bad enough where I had to keep myself busy throughout the day to avoid falling asleep.

And, even though I did take this with food, the Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold did upset my stomach a bit. But, again, it wasn’t as bad as other medicines.

Overall, I do feel this was a good purchase for me. As I said, the medicine wasn’t perfect. But, it did work and was very affordable. If you need something to help you through a bad cold, I would recommend it.

Avoiding Website Headaches for Smooth Designers

Designing websites is a lot easier today than it was a decade ago. With all the online help and free Internet downloads, even a novice can build an efficient and impressive website. If you are planning to build a website, consider browsing a few of the free designs available at,, or Many website hosting companies offer all the tools, templates, and tips you need to design a website, but there are still certain design tips you should know. If you are not overjoyed with the templates your hosting provider offers, you can perform a search for “free website templates” and browse the thousands of website templates available for free. Once you find something you like, you can simply download the template and make the necessary changes to reflect your personalized website.

If you are feeling really creative, you can customize your website using your own skills in design.

Start by browsing a few web designs on the Internet to spark fresh ideas. There is a wealth of fantastically designed websites across the Internet. Spend some time viewing them and get those “creative” gears turning, that’s what  best digital marketing agencies have in common.

Layout the main areas of your web design on paper and preview your design in all major web browsers.

Keep in mind the functional basic elements of navigation, header, body, and footer areas are essential parts of all websites. Design-wise, a freestyle layout can look beautiful, but getting that perfect layout design to view correctly in different browsers can be very difficult. One of the worst browsers for viewing most websites is Internet Explorer. Text and graphics will often overlap, appear out of place, and elements might even appear cut off. Remember to view your newly designed website in all the major browsers to avoid design headaches. Since you can’t be sure what browser your visitors may be using, it is advisable to refrain from designing a freestyle type website where the design requires specially formatted areas and layers. Previewing your website in all the major browsers will insure how your website will look within each browser.


Choose a color scheme which will be soothing and easy on the eyes.

Sometimes designers forget the effects of various colors upon the eyes. This choice can make a difference on how long a visitor may stay at your website. Stark, bright white background against black text can strain the eyes in a very short time. It is best to use a muted background color against black text, steering away from eye-piercing vibrant colors. Alternatively, you could use a muted color of text on a white background, easing the effects of eye strain, especially if you use a lot of text.


Graphics and photographs are worth a thousand words, but don’t over-do it.

Often, too much visual “bling” can be distracting and confusing. When using photographs, have them cropped appropriately, centering upon the main focus of the picture. Try to have them sized to fit the space where they are intended so they will load into the page quickly, using the least amount of bytes necessary. This will keep the website lean. If you are using graphic elements, like icons and customized art pieces, keep them limited and minimal. Too many iconic graphics tend to make the page look overworked and tacky.


Decide how many pages your website will need by breaking it down into categories.

Usually, you will have a home page and contact. Beyond that, you have choices of whether you will need additional sections for your website. You might need separate pages for information, products, or pages about yourself or your company. It is advantageous to keep all the pages looking related with similar elements in design and style. Decide ahead of time what typeface and sizes you will use in the design. Keeping all the pages uniform will greatly serve your efforts as a designer simplified, and serve your visitors with a pleasant and smooth website experience to keep them coming back.