Review: Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold Medicine


I had hoped to avoid the nasty cold my wife and two daughters have had over the past week or so. However, I started feeling a bit lousy last night and woke up this morning with a pretty bad cough.
Since I am the sole provider for the family, I really couldn’t take the day off from work (I have sick time but don’t want to use it all up in January) so, on my way to the office, I ended up stopping off at one of our local grocery stores to see if I could find something to take. I ended up buying a box of Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold Medicine.

I have had the regular Our Family Suphedrine PE before (back in October, when I was dealing with some sort of allergy) and was surprised by how well it worked. For me, one must really be careful in choosing products. Like the one I bought recently. I looked into vitamin c serum for face reviews and it went well on me.

That, and the fact the cold medicine was only $3, made me decide to try the Severe Cold formula.

So far, I have no complaints.

When I got to work, I was coughing pretty loudly and had a somewhat stuffed up head; the kind that makes you feel like someone is squeezing it. So, before starting my day, I took two of the tablets.

First, I want to mention the tablets are the perfect size for me. As I have said in the past, I have problems taking pills and prefer tablets that are smaller in size. These were a bit larger than the regular Our Family Suphedrine. But, they were small enough where I could take them with water and not have any issues swallowing them.

Another thing that impressed me was how effective the pills worked. When I took them, it was about 7:30 a.m. By 8, my cough was pretty much gone and I didn’t have as much sinus pressure. Even more important is the fact the medicine worked throughout the day. I didn’t need to take it again at lunch, like I normally have to.

The medicine did have a couple side effects I wasn’t overly thrilled with. First, it made me a bit drowsy. This wasn’t as bad as other medicines that I have tried. But, it was bad enough where I had to keep myself busy throughout the day to avoid falling asleep.

And, even though I did take this with food, the Our Family Suphedrine PE Severe Cold did upset my stomach a bit. But, again, it wasn’t as bad as other medicines.

Overall, I do feel this was a good purchase for me. As I said, the medicine wasn’t perfect. But, it did work and was very affordable. If you need something to help you through a bad cold, I would recommend it.

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