The Best Time of Day for a Writer to Be Productive


There are a lot of theories about personal productivity and when people are most productive. Some experts claim that people are most productive first thing in the morning, others claim that evening is the best time for productivity and still other fall somewhere in between. The issue seems to be in a great deal of debate. The reason is likely because different people have different levels of productivity during different times of the day.
For most writers there are three main choices when it comes to scheduling writing time for you personalised diary. These times are early morning, sometime in the middle of the day and late in the evening or night. Many writers work a main full time job that is not writing and their writing time needs to be juggled with another job.

Getting up early

Getting up early can give the writer some quality time in a normally quiet and undisturbed part of the day. The sacrifice of sleep can become a problem but with some discipline the time can work well.

Using various times throughout the day

Using this method requires a fairly routine schedule that seldom changes. Some writers use their lunch hour as a time to write. These times can be productive but would take a special schedule to make it happen.

Staying up late

Late time hours also are filled with quiet and lack of disruptions. Often fatigue can cause some difficulties for some writers but working through these minor problems can create some excellent times for writing.

Basic time tips for writers

Write when the time allows it

One thing about writing is that it can be done at any time and this makes writing schedules extremely flexible. Many writers can do their work whenever they need to and make their writing fit their busy schedule.

Make use of downtime to write

There are always parts of the day when nothing seems to be done. An excellent example is the commute to work. Nothing really seems to happen during this time except the commute. Use that time to write. Purchase a digital voice recorder for the car and record writing ideas while driving.

Creatively discover time that can be funneled to writing

There are always specific times of day that can be funneled or directed into writing. There are specific activities that can be sacrificed to make more time to actually write. What would happen if a writer got up and hour earlier or gave up an hour of television each day to write? The writer would have 365 hours of writing time at their disposal. This is like having nine 40 hour work weeks for writing. A lot could be accomplished with a little discipline.

Find what works best and allow the greatest amount of productivity and take advantage of that time. Many writers have to write as the time allows. Make the most of those times by being prepared to write when that time arrives.

When it comes down to the final decision, writers need to find the time that works for them. Taking the time to discover the times of high productivity can be a challenge but the rewards can be well worth the effort. Discover the times that are most productive and make that time a focused time for writing. The main point is to be focused when the work of writing happens the best, no matter what time of day.

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