How to Use a Word Press Blog as a Content Management System

How to Use a Word Press Blog as a Content Management System

How to use a Word Press Blog as a content management system
For the novice, or even the professional webmaster, the open source scripts found at have a lot to offer as long as you know how to use techniques and systems like CMS orĀ .net cms.

While customization requires some knowledge, the scripts are very intuitive, and at for instance the configuration and installation can be automatic.

There are many huge sites that use this scripting; properly installed and configured these websites can:

* Build their own sitemap daily
* Optimize and build their own pages form a style sheet
* Upload and modify pictures, text
* Ping the whole world to let everyone know of new content
* Appear on the first page of the major search engines for any search
* Optimizes each page for placement
* Be installed in the main directory, or a subdirectory to allow more hand-on web mastering

While use of this scripting is extremely widespread – I believe it would behoove many others to acquaint with it: it would allow many self-proclaimed professionals to do a much better job of providing a truly automated solution, and many novices to learn more and become more functional.

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