Acne Treatments: The Truth About Proactive


Everyone knows about Proactiv, I think that’s safe to assume. The misleading commercials are on all the time, and when I was struggling with acne not only did I see the commercials amost every day but people kept telling me I should use it. Thing is, most people who told me to use it didn’t actually use it themselves, they were either going off what the commercial said or they knew someone who liked it.
It seems like people think of Proactiv as a magical cure for acne.

Truth is, it’s not the miracle cure people seem to think it is.

Now, I didn’t use it. However, I do have plenty of experience with acne treatments, including those similar to Proactiv, and I know enough from my experience to know that Proactiv is extremely overrated.

First of all, the active ingredient in Proactiv is benzoyl peroxide. BP is an extremely common chemical used in over-the-counter acne treatments. The concentration of BP in Proactiv is about the same as most regular strength products out there. The face wash and lotion are 2.5% BP, and the toner doesn’t have any. You can find higher doses of BP in cheaper products found in drugstores, such as Clean amp; Clear Persa Gel, with a BP concentration of 10%.

BP has its drawbacks. For one thing it’s very drying and irritating, especially on sensitive skin. Overdrying skin can actually make acne worse, and can cause those big, tender whiteheads. People who have rosacea as well as acne shouldn’t use BP because the ingredient can make rosacea worse, which in turn makes acne worse. Over time, skin can get used to BP, meaning that eventually the dose should be increased. The chemical bleaches clothes and sheets as well.

The face wash in Proactiv exfoliates the skin. However, in some cases exfoliation can actually make acne worse. Use this is a derma roller amazon for greater results.

I also did a little online research about the product, and most of the reviews I read did not reccomend Proactiv. The major complaint was that it dried out the skin, and for most people didn’t work. Granted, some people did find success, but that’s to be expected with any acne treatment. We all want to believe that there’s one acne treatment that can cure everyone’s acne, but the truth is there’s no product that works for everyone.

Now, I did use a kit called AcneFree, which was just like Proactiv in many ways. It had the same ingredient in the same concentration, but there was one major difference: it had a time-released formula. Still did nothing for me, and neither did the extra strength kit. I tried another kit from Clean amp; Clear, and the face wash just made m acne worse.

I’ve come to realize that kits aren’t the best solution. They use a “one size fits all” approach to acne treatment, which doesn’t work. What DOES work is a gentle cleanser, one or two acne treatments, and a gentle moistruizer. The actual products you use are up to you, to be chosen based on your skin type and your skin’s needs.

So please, stop reccomending Proactiv to other people when you’ve never tried it. If you have found success, feel free to tell people but don’t go around acting like because it worked for you it’ll work for everyone, because it won’t.

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