Product Review: Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier


My husband and I love to go hiking frequently in the mountains and at the beach. We usually go hiking for at least half a day. When we had our first baby things changed. We needed a carrier that would hold our three-month-old baby and our hiking gear. After shopping around we found the Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier. We love the Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier for so many reasons.

The Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier come with a lot of wonderful features. It is a backpack and a baby carrier all in one. It has many pockets inside and outside of the backpack. So we can store food, water, diapers and other essentials that are needed during hiking. There is even a special area on the backpack you can buy at ¬†to¬†put a few baby toys in the pocket and a few clip off hanging toys outside of the pocket. It has a changing mat, which has come in handy after many hours of hiking. The backpack has a removable dribble cloth that makes it simple to take of and use if baby is dribbling on dad. A sun cover created to protect both baby and the hiker. The carrier is totally adjustable. So you can adjust it according to your child’s height. It has reflective strips that shine in the dark. This was helpful one day when we were still hiking back home after dark. A rear view mirror that you can use to watch and see how your baby is doing. The Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier are sturdy and strong. It is made of steel frame, which can hold up to 44 pounds. We got to use it with our baby till he was five months old.

You can purchase the Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier at Target. It cost us about $180 dollars to buy it not including tax. The money is well worth the product. We were able to resume hiking a few months after the baby was born. It is a product that doesn’t last for more than six months unless you have more babies. My husband and I will probably end up selling it on Ebay or at a consignment store. The Escape Backpack and Baby Carrier is a product I would recommend to others who are avid hikers and can’t wait till their child is old enough to actually hike on their own.

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