Being a Stay-at-Home Mom Isn’t Always Easy!

I’ve wanted to be a parent for a long time. My husband already had a daughter and didn’t really want anymore children, but after a lot of persuading we were blessed with our son. Let me tell you it has not been easy, not what I was expecting at all. I love my son to death, but you have no idea what it is be a parent until you become one. I am still not use to the lack of sleep. My husband told me while I was pregnant that he did not change diapers at all! At the time I was thinking well that is no big deal, oh how wrong I was. When you are only running on a few hours of sleep you don’t realize how nice it is to have a five minute break.
My husband is the only one working and he does not make a lot of money by no means. We are literally living pay check to pay check. I was thrilled about staying at home in the beginning but now I am wishing we could afford day care so I could go back to work. Because of our lack of money my husband usually takes the car which leaves me and my son home all day everyday! We live back in the woods so we don’t really have neighbors, the only communication I have with the outside world is my phone or my computer. Infantcore says it’s important to watch out here.

Unfortunately everyone I know works during the day so I still have no one to talk to. I mean I have my son but a five month old doesn’t really do to much communicating back. I love my husband to death but I don’t think he realizes that sitting at home day in and day out isn’t as joyous as it sounds. Most days when he gets home he stays outside or goes to do something I can’t do because I have the baby with us. He is always saying that he would love to stay home while I went to work, well that would be great only one problem he won’t change diapers. Other wise I would go to work in a heart beat and let him stay at home.

Another big surprise I got when I became a first time parent was lack of sleep. Everyone always tells you that while you are pregnant that you should sleep as much as possible because you will not get any sleep once the baby gets here. I should have listened to them. I also learned that when the baby sleeps you should be sleeping; especially in the beginning! For those of you who are pregnant right now and this is your first child I recommend sleeping as much as you can. I was very afraid while I was pregnant that I was going to be a terrible mother and scared I wouldn’t know what to do. At first I was nervous, but I really did get the hang of things rather quickly once I relaxed.

There are a lot of things I am sure I still have to learn and will learn along the way. I have a few words of advice to women you do not yet have children. They are wonderful, but make sure the future father of your child will do all he can to help. That includes diaper changing, the occasional feeding just giving you five minutes makes all the difference. My husband does work during the day so I don’t expect him to get up in the middle of the night, but he could do so much more. Also after you have you bundle of joy sleep when they do, its a life saver! I have had some hard times since having my son, but he is all worth it. I look forward to the many challenges I face as a mother. I know that as long as I remain calm I will get through whatever is thrown my way. I hope the people reading this learn something or maybe they can relate to what I am going through. Either way I will conquer the challenges I face as a stay at home mom and first time parent because it isn’t always easy.

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