Hi! I am glad you came across my blog. I a Vivian. My friends call me Viv. I am a mother-of-three kids. My eldest is now working while my two children are still in school. I am a frustrated writer. I usually write my thought in my journals and scrap books. When my daughter told me I can actually write down my thoughts in a blog, I absolutely loved the idea!

And here it goes. Welcome to vivhalliwell.net. This is my happy place where I would write about my current mood, my thoughts on motherhood and family, and my daily adventures as a working mom. In here I will also write down some reviews about some products and services I usually use at home and avail (be it for home improvement, for skin and hair care, and what-have-you). I also aim to help my fellow mothers, especially those who are still adjusting to motherhood, through writing my tips and tricks. And oh, I forgot I will also put some recipes here! I’m excited to share them all to you!

Thankyou for taking the time to read this post About me and I promise to share more about my life in this blog.

See you around!